Kayla Le – International Federation of Body Building & Fitness Bikini Pro

As a bodybuilder and a IFBB Bikini Pro competitor, I have to drink a lot of water to keep my muscles hydrated and also to replenished the fluids lost during my training.  Diamond Creek water does just that and it also flushes out the lactic acid built up from heavy weight lifting.  After switching to Diamond Creek water, I noticed a quicker recovery rate and I am able to hit the gym sooner with maximize performance and endurance.  This amazing water took my physique to another level.  

 Kayla Le 

IFBB Bikini Pro

Nov 7, 2017

Tonya Harris NQ NPC Bikini Competitor

The things that have the most direct impact on my athletic performance are the ability to train and to recover as a NPC Bikini competitor and bodybuilder!!  I have been drinking alkaline ionized water for a while now and the benefits are amazing!! Diamond Creek has improved my performance and recovery in a profound way.  It keeps me hydrated and energized on those long days at the gym. I love it and drink it daily!!


Tonya Harris NQ NPC Bikini competitor

Jan 7, 2019

Nascar Driver Corey LaJoie

On any given Sunday, our race car temperatures can reach 130 degrees inside, which can peak my core body temp to around 101 degrees. During a nearly 4 hour race, I’m shedding around 10-13 pounds of water weight.  Dehydration causes fatigue & decreased reaction time by up to 30% so as you can imagine, I definitely can’t afford that going almost 200 mph.  I drink Diamond Creek Ionized Spring Water because it provides more oxygen to my cells, helping with overall hydration and energy levels during the race.

Jun 20, 2018

Cole Whitt

When you spend over 5 hours a weekend in a hot race car for 36 weekends a year, staying hydrated is critical.  Diamond Creek Water is a crucial part of my pre-race preparation routine of working-out, conditioning and hydrating each week. Its components provide key benefits that maximize my endurance and performance on and off the track. –  Nascar Driver Cole Whitt

Aug 6, 2017

Johan Schwartz-Guinness World Records Title for Drifting

With back to back races, recovery time is crucial. @DiamondCreekH2O… Best natural energy drink!



Jul 19, 2016

Rod Cox

I absolutely LOVE Diamond Creek water! I drink it between every pit stop. This water, by far, keeps me more hydrated than any other water I have ever drank. It really keeps me going. Thank you guys so much for supplying this product! Keep up the good work.–TriStar Motorsports Pit Crew Rod Cox


Aug 6, 2017

Nascar Driver JJ Yeley

I have never been a big water drinker, that is until I was introduced to Diamond Creek.
The taste of water is important as well as the many benefits.
With my race car reaching extreme temperatures, staying hydrated is a must!
I have struggled in the past with drinking just water alone to achieve this, Diamond Creek makes it easy.
I find myself feeling better not only after races but the next day as well.
I cannot stress how important that is for me as a professional race car driver to be able to recover quickly
and look forward to the next race. My family is on board as well and are also enjoying the smooth taste
and benefits from Diamond Creek. We cannot thank you enough!

JJ Yeley


Aug 6, 2017

Carolina Panthers Brenton Bersin


I’ve been drinking Diamond Creek water since the beginning of the year, and I saw immediate results.  It not only helps with hydration, but helps reduce lactic acid and decreases soreness.  I had ankle surgery in late May, and Diamond Creek helped keep my inflammation down and helped me get back to 100%!! I recommend it to everybody!

Jul 18, 2017

-Shaq Thompson

I’ve heard athletes say they feel “stronger,” “more athletic” or “lighter on their feet” when they drink Ionized water. I wasn’t so sure. But Diamond Creek Water I really do feel great and lighter.

Aug 4, 2016

– Melissa Price

I never thought I would be a water snob. Since becoming a Burn Boot Camp owner and committing my life to fitness and good health, I am very aware of what I eat or drink. The first time I drank Diamond Creek water I knew I was hooked. The thing that got me right away was how smooth it was and that it actually had a slight taste which I really enjoy. Not to mention the health benefits and the minerals that you are feeding  to your body. Not only am I hooked on it but my children ask for “the blue bottle water” over anything else! How awesome it that!

Jul 19, 2016