– Linda Rinaldi

By Gods grace and goodness and alkalined water I write this as a cancer conquerer – not a survivor! I am a former law enforcement officer and paramedic, retired  into hospice work…. The level of stress in these careers along with raising four children ( most of hose years as a single parent) is something that cannot be expressed by words.

We all know that stress and acidity can cause lethal diseases. I was diagnosed with a fourth stage Adenocarcinoma and given two months prognosis. The origin or primary was unknown at that time. I am immediately started researching : alkalizing was the answer and the quickest and most simple, non-complicated method was with water . Water was the jumpstart to this process. Simple and easy -Three months into this journey another PET scan was done and there was no cancer… I am into this miracle for several years..

There are many resources for alkaline water out there but none as convenient or as highly alkalined (9.5) as Diamond Creek. I do not believe that any other compares to Diamond Creek’s ethical processing . Trust by a cancer consumer is the utmost testimonial anyone can give

There are so many sizes and options of bottles to choose from and there is no excuse not to have a bottle with any member of my family at anytime –Not only do I drink it, I cook with it, bathe and brush my teeth with it and my pets drink it as well. My cat’s bladder stones totally went away after two months of drinking this and no medication. The surgery was not an option.

I maintain my alkaline state, healthier skin,electrolyte balance and energy, a purified liver and healthy kidneys by drinking this water. How simple is this?I could go on and on about big Pharma and but I will simply state that the key to prevention, maintenance, and overall miracles is in Diamond Creek water.

Jul 19, 2016